Wikipedia entry including David’s production of “Baby”. announcement about “Baby”
Video preview of “Baby”
Sun Times recognition for performance and cast of “Baby”
Sun Times Review of “Baby”

She Loves Me

Cleveland Scene review of “She Loves Me”

Saturday Night

Cleveland Scene review of “Saturday Night”

Eating Raoul

Cleveland Scene review of “Eating Raoul”

Big the Musical announcement for “Big, The Musical”
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Man of la Mancha

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A New Brain

Cleveland Scene review of “A New Brain”

Floyd Collins

David’s costume pieces from this first ever non-Tina Landau production of “Floyd Collins” being donated to the Cleveland Theatre Archives.

The Jekyll and Hyde Club

Check out this David’s appearance on Screamqueenz Horror Podcast talking about the movie “Burnt Offerings”, Blackout Haunted House, and The Jekyll and Hyde Club!

A Little Night Music

Cleveland Scene review of “A Little Night Music”